potato field irrigated by a pivot sprink


Based on in-situ soil and plant sensors, high resolution weather forecast, crop models and satellite imagery we provide information that help farm operators make informed decisions on the timing and quantity of water needed.  Reduced input costs and improved yield help the farmer increase profits and conserve natural resources.

Ability to measure quantity of water used via wireless flow meters and control pumps or valves remotely save time, fuel an labor.  All these parameters may also be controlled automatically based on soil and plant sensor data, using advanced algorithms.

GPS navigation and autonomous driverless


Tracking assets outdoors or indoors in real-time can be accomplished with the right combination of tracker and connectivity technologies.  Accuracy needed, cost and battery life decide the right asset tracking solution.  With our expertise we can guide you to choose the correct combination of tracker technology and customize application to meet your needs.



Automatic, wireless environmental monitoring over a wide geography is implemented to detect air, soil and water quality.  Government, non-profit and industrial clients require these solutions to monitor and comply with government regulations.

We work with environmental sensor manufacturers that provide high-quality and robust sensors.  Sensors are integrated with our IoT platform to monitor, alert and prepare compliance reports.


Agriculture and technology. Agritech. En


Link is a patent pending solution that encompasses all our core capabilities into one solution I.e. Maintaining device location and connectivity to the wireless network, on-demand remote device/sensor management, statistical analysis, predictive algorithms, cloud-based modern user interface and API’s for 3rd party integration.

Blockchain Industrial Strategy Concept.


Vault, our Blockchain based solution helps create Zero Trust, transparent and fully auditable data trails. Customers can utilize this solution for meeting compliance requirements, tracing supply chain and ensure authenticity of goods and processes they follow. This solution can also help capture and verify land/water use and agricultural practice history over a period of time.