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potato field irrigated by a pivot sprink

Precision Irrigation

Based on in-situ soil and plant sensors, high resolution weather forecast, crop models and satellite imagery we provide information that help farm operators make informed decisions on the timing and quantity of water needed.  Reduced input costs and improved yield help the farmer increase profits and conserve natural resources.

Solution Features:

  • Soil Water Status

  • Plant Water Status

  • Irrigation Recommendation

  • Water Stress Alerts


  • Reduce Pumping Costs

  • Maintain soil water level for best yield

  • Conserve ground water and soil health

  • Minimize leaching below root zone

  • Reduce nutrient run-offs 

  • Accurate inputs to manage Center-Pivot & Drip Irrigation systems

More Information:​  Click Here

A technician use the Professional Water Testing equipment to measure the water quality at

Environmental Monitoring

Our Environmental monitoring solutions are deployable in remote locations to track real-time status of soil, water, plant/tree and atmospheric parameters.  Academic, Government, Non-profit and Industrial clients benefit from automatic data collection, storage and cloud-based analytics that reduces unnecessary trips to manually download from dataloggers.

Data Sources:

  • Soil/Air/Water Quality Sensors


  • River/Stream Water Quality

  • Forest Health

  • Wastewater Management

  • Air Quality


  • Government Agencies

  • Academic Researchers

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Link is a patent pending solution that optimizes a remotely deployed IoT device's orientation and connectivity to a wireless network, allows on-demand hardware control via a modern, cloud-based application and API’s for 3rd party integration.

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